As the Secretary-General of NYUMUNC2, I am honored to invite you to the second annual conference held at New York University. 

As last year’s conference is a testament to, NYUMUNC offers an exciting, intense and intricate conference designed to engage, challenge, and inspire our delegates.  Like last year, our conference will be in the form of a Joint Simultaneous Interactive crisis.  By allowing delegates to interact and have their actions impact other committees, our conference provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to hone their international relationship skills and enhance their understanding and thinking about the challenges associated with acting on the international stage in the 21st century.  We seek to provide a realistic experience where delegates observe how personal and collective actions, both subtle and obvious, can have serious repercussions within and outside of their committee room.

At this time, we are still in the planning phases of designing the crisis and will release more information as the conference approaches. 

The conference will be held on NYU’s scenic lower Manhattan campus on April 1 to April 3, 2011.  We expect to continue our tradition of providing delegates with an enjoyable in conference and out of conference experience. 

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.  We look forward to seeing you in April! 

All the best,

Kirby Smith




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